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A Note About Holiday Puppies

OK, all you excited prospective Poodle owners -- 

I know you're dying to get your hands on an adorable little fuzzball, and the holidays seem like the perfect time if there are kids involved, and I have to admit that even I got my pup in early December, but let me dish it to you straight --

A reputable breeder is going to be super cautious about sending one of their precious, protected little gems straight into the frenzied whirling confusion and excitement that is holiday time in most households.
Look at it from the puppy's viewpoint -- homesick for Mom, these new people are nice but maybe you're getting a little TOO much handling, things are crazy and noisy, big feet coming and going everywhere and guests don't remember to watch out for the pup!  And with everything else you have to do around the holidays, do you REALLY want to be paying minute-by-minute attention to housebreaking, multiple feedings per day and biweekly vet visits (and that bout of diarrhea brought on by someone slipping that sweetie pup a taste of a naughty treat)?

Oh please oh please, think about waiting just a couple of weeks until the wrappings are put away, the new toys have worn out the first set of batteries and things have settled into exhausted semi-normalcy.  Consider bringing your new curly baby home when you can give a few weeks of intensive, undivided attention and bonding.  We'll all be so much happier that way.

This page last updated 11/29/2014

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