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Poodle Breeders in California

Admiration Standards  W!  G!
Riverside, California
Aleph Standards  W!  G!
San Francisco, California
Bar King Miniatures  W!  G!
Citrus Heights, California
Black Pearl Miniatures  W!  G!
San Francisco, California
Cinbren Miniatures  W!  G!
Esparto, California
Clarion Minis & Toys  W!  G!
Stockton, California
Divine Standards  W!  G!
Fallbrook, California
Graphic Standards  G!
San Rafael
, California
KayeKids Stds & Minis  W!  G!
, California
Lakeview Standards  W!  G!
Lakeport, California
Mivida Miniatures  W!  G!
El Cajon, California
Monfort Standards  G!
Fresno, California
Moonstruck Stds & Minis  W!  G!
Lakeside, California
Noriko Stds & Minis  W!  G!
Northridge, California
Sinclair Standards  G!
Saratoga, California
Tiara Standards  W!  G!
La Jolla
, California

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